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07 Feb 2003
Added a page for the Rubicon Point Lighthouse on Lake Tahoe in California.
10 Nov 2002
Added pages for lighthouses visited during the summer vacation my daughter and I toke to Newfoundland during the summer of 2002.  The lighthouses include Woody Point, Cape Norman, and Fishing Point on the Island of Newfoundland and Point Amour and St. Modeste in Labrador.
05 May 2002
Added a page for Manitoba Lighthouses and pages for Gull Island Lighthouse and Red River Lighthouse.
05 May 2002
Added a page in memory of Shirley Vanderwood, a friend who sailed pass many British Columbia lighthouses and who provided the photo appearing on the front page of this site.
03 June 2001
Started a page for Florida Lighthouses and added a page for the Cape Florida Lighthouse.
24 April 2001
Made revisions to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, and added three new images.
23 April 2001
Moved the website to www.lorneslights.com.
21 April 2001
During the summer of 2000, my daughter and I took a vacation on Vancouver Island and Mayne Island in British Columbia.  During that visit I visited or viewed five lighthouses, including Active Pass Lighthouse, Portlock Point Lighthouse, Amphitrite Point Lighthouse, Sheringham Point Lighthouse and Trial Island Lighthouse.
23 October 1999
Added pages for four California lighthouses visited during my August/September, 1999 trip to San Francisco.  The lighthouses include Point Piņos Lighthouse, Santa Cruz Ligthhouse, Pigeon Point Lighthouse and Montara Point Lighthouse
31 July 1999
Added pages for Coquille River Lighthouse and Umpqua River Lighthouse in Oregon, and the Marrrowstone Lighthouse in Washington.
04 July 1999
Added new pages for three California Lighthouses visited during my summer, 1997 vacation along the West Coast.
13 June 1999
Added a new page for Massachusetts Lighthouses, and three of the lighthouses on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.
29 May 1999
Added Lighthouse News and Notes page.
09 January 1999
Added pages for 8 additional Prince Edward Lighthouses visited during our summer, 1998 vacation.
30 September 1998
The site now includes most of the lighthouses I visited during my summer, 1998 vacation in the Maritimes and Newfoundland.
07 September 1998
Completed pages for the 13 Newfoundland lighthouse that I was able to visit during our summer vacation in 1998
06 September 1998
Added Cow Head, Lobster Cove Head and Cape Spear Lighthouses (Newfoundland)
05 September 1998
Added an Atlantic Coast Visit page.
27 August 1998
Added pages for five New Brunswick lighthouses.
26 August 1998
Added pages for Nova Scotia and Newfoundland lighthouses.
09 June 1998
Added Friends of Lighthouses, a page dedicated to people that I believe are adding to the awareness and preservation of lighthouses.

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