Places I Visit When I am Unable to Travel

When I am unable to visit lighthouses, I spend whatever time I can spare visiting my favorite lighthouse websites, and searching for others. What I offer here are the best stops on the Web tours I have make. I have made hundreds of stops on my travels through the Web, but I have chosen only to list my favorites.

The Lighthouse Directory
A comprehensive listing of lighthouses in the Americas, utilizing links to information on other websites. A good source of information for anyone doing research on lighthouses.
Lighthouse Digest
The Lighthouse Digest is a scaled down online version of one of the best lighthouse publications on the market. Both the printed version and the online version are published monthly.
Lighthouses: A Photographic Journey
A journal of lighthouse expeditions based primarily on the Great Lakes area, by another husband / wife team. It also includes lighthouses of the Atlantic Coast and Ireland.
Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society
Visit some of Nova Scotia's lighthouses, and read about the NSLPS, an organization dedicated to their preservation.  This site contains lots of information on the lighthouses featured.
Bill's Lighthouse Getaway
A source of information, with excellent photography, of North American lighthouses from all regions.
New England Lighthouses: A Virtual Guide
This site is the most complete online source of information on New England Lighthouses.  It contains detailed information on the location (with good maps) and history of every standing lighthouse in the New England states, and memories of many that no longer exist.  Each lighthouse also has a selection of excellent photographs and postcards.
Florida Lighthouse Page
A complete listing of Florida lighthouses, with a photographic tour and excellent information on the history of each light.
Historic Lighthouses of Newfoundland and Labrador
This page offers a sampling from The First Landfall - Historic Lighthouses of Newfoundland and Labrador by David J. Molloy. The book is my primary source of information on Newfoundland lighthouses, and the website is a good source of information and photographs.
The Lighthouse Society of Great Britain
This site offers an excellent source of information on the lighthouses of Great Britain, with historical data and complete listings of lighthouses. In addition, if contains a wealth of information on lighthouses aimed at children.
Lighthouses of Australia
This site is a community project, involving people from all over Australia.  The purpose is to provide information and photographs on Australian lighthouses.  This is certainly the richest website on Australian lighthouse that I have had the pleasure of visiting.
Dan's Lighthouse Page
This site has photos of many lighthouses, primarily on the East Coast and the Great Lakes. The Lighthouse Links page also provides hours of exploration.
New England Lightscapes
A site with some fantastic New England lighthouse images offered by Tom Mitchell
The Lighthouse Keeper's Log
A good source of lighthouse lists, events listings and news and announcements regarding lighthouses.
Night Sentinels
This is a site that brings together the resources of several lighthouse websites.   Michael Graham has done a good jub of providing links to individual lighthouse, organized by location.  Well worth the visit.
US Lighthouses
An excellent site portraying primarily US lighthouses, with some Canadian ones.  Bryan has organized the lighthouses alphabetically, by state and by journeys.  And the site is growing, well worth repeated visits.
Rose Blanche Lighthouse
A great source of information and photographs to show what a community can accomplish when they set their minds to preserving our heritage.
The Lighthouse Shoppe
A source of lighthouse paraphenalia run by Sherry and Barbara Greaves. They also produce a monthly newsletter featuring a lighthouse of the month. Worth a visit.

I also maintain a list of links added by visitors to Lorne's Lighthouses.  If you have a favorite site that you think I might enjoy, please email me. I will include it in that list, and if I enjoy it enough, I will include in the Places I Visit When I am Unable to Travel.

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