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I maintain a small but growing collection of reference material on lighthouses. The books I buy are chosen for completeness in coverage of a specific region, or for the quality of the material.  My collection also contains books received from friends who recognize and accept my passion for lighthouses.  Those are my special treasures.

I have found that lighthouse material is generally rare in bookstores, and applies to the local region.  Therefore, you will find that most of my collection pertains to the Pacific Coast.  After my visit to the East Coast during the summer of 1998, I hope to have added substantially to my collection for that region.

Lighthouses of the Pacific - Jim Gibbs (1986)
This book is one of the best sources of information on West Coast lighthouses that I have read. It contains information on all remaining lighthouses, and lighthouses that no longer exist. It is one of the most detailed and complete sources of information I have seen, and as such is my primary reference for Pacific lighthouses.
The First Landfall: Historic Lighthouse of Newfoundland and Labrador - David Molloy (1994)
An excellent source of information on ten of the most famous lighthouse of   Newfoundland and Labrador.  The material is well researched and extremely detailed.  David Molloy also maintains a website entitled Historic Lighthouses of Newfoundland with information and photographs of a number of lighthouses from the book.
Western Lighthouses Olympic Peninsula to San Diego - Bruce Roberts & Ray Jones (1993)
This book has fantastic photographs and descriptions of selected Pacific Coast lighthouses.  It is one of the treasured gifts from special friends.
The Lighthouses of Hawaii - Love Dean (1991)
So far as I can tell, this book provides complete coverage of the Hawaiian lighthouses.   It is a good source of historical information on the lighthouses, but lacking in current images.  I plan to correct that lack by adding to my own photographic collection as soon as I can make a trip to Hawaii.
Keepers of the Light - Donald Graham (1985)
Tales of the lighthouses of British Columbia and their keepers, written by a former BC lighthouse keeper.  The book, and its companion, Lights of the Inside Passage, form a complete reference for British Columbia lighthouses both past and present.
Lights of the Inside Passage - Donald Graham (1986)
This book and its companion, Keepers of the Light, are my primary sources of information on British Columbia lighthouses.
Umbrella Guide to Washington Lighthouses - Sharlene P. & Ted W. Nelson (1990)
This book is one of three Umbrella Guides to West Coast lighthouses. written by a pair of travel enthusiasts.  Coverage of Washington lighthouses, both past and present, is complete, with historical information on the lights and their keepers.   Also included are directions for getting to the lighthouses, and contact numbers.
Umbrella Guide to Oregon Lighthouses - Sharlene P. & Ted W. Nelson (1994)
This book provided complete coverage of all Oregon Lighthouses, past and present, with directions for getting to the lighthouses and contact numbers.
Umbrella Guide to California Lighthouses - Sharlene P. & Ted W. Nelson (1993)
This book provided complete coverage of all California Lighthouses, past and present, with directions for getting to the lighthouses and contact numbers.
Against Darkness and Storm - Harry Thurston & Wayne Barrett (1993)
This book provides excellent coverage of selected lighthouses of Eastern Canada.   Unfortunately, with the large number of lighthouses in Eastern Canada, it will be impossible to find any publication providing complete coverage for some time.  This book provides the best coverage of all I reviewed.
Discover Nova Scotia Lighthouses - Dave Stephens & Susan Randles (1998)
This book provides information on all accessible lighthouse in Nova Scotia, including excellent directions.  I found it indispensible in my wandering through Nova Scotia during the summer of 1998.  The information provided saved countless hours in trying to find some of the lighthouse I visited.  It is a must for any Nova Scotia Lighthouse visitor.

I am always looking for new material, particularly on regions of North America other than the Pacific.  If you know of books that provide complete sources of information on lighthouses of the East Coast, southern United States, or the Great Lakes region, I would appreciate hearing about them..

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