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I have been called a nut, a fanatic, obsessed. Actually, I 'm merely a person with a mission. A friend once referred to it as my search for the holy grail (I think I like that one most.) But I do have to do it.

My Dream

To visit, photograph and document every standing lighthouse in North America. No easy task, considering the fact that I have catalogued more than 1100 so far. Means I will have to live long or retire early, or both.


Sheringham Lighthouse

The Sheringham Lighthouse is located near Shirley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The photograph was made by good friends of mine, Paul and Shirley Vanderwood, and displayed here with their permission.

Canadian Lighthouses
American Lighthouses

Pacific Coast Visit 1997

Our vacation during July and August of 1997 took us, among other places to the coast of California, Oregon and Washington. The trip included visits to eighteen lighthouses. I made some 400 photographs of lighthouses on the trip.

Atlantic Coast Visit 1998

Our vacation during the summer of 1998 took us to Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island and included visits to 64 lighthouses.   Photographs of almost all of those lighthouse are now on this site.  Visit them by going to my Canadian Lighthouses page.

Nicole's Lighthouse Drawings

Some of my daughter's drawings and paintings

Lighthouse Links

Please visit some of my favorite lighthouse websites, some of the special people that I consider true Friends of Lighthouses, and links added by my visitors

Places I Visit When I am Unable to Travel
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Lighthouse Enthusiasts Club (Yahoo)

I have a lighthouse club on Yahoo Clubs.  Why don't you drop in for a visit and if you like it, join.

Lighthouse Books

My sources of information and pleasure.

Lighthouse News and Notes

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