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The links on this page have been added by visitors to Lorne's Lighthouses.  The comments on the sites are those given by the visitors.  If you would like to add a link, please email me with the URL and a brief comment.  I will review the suggestion, and if it has lighthouse content, I will add it here.
A community project that is involving people from all over Australia, to record photos and info on Aus .lights.
Lightheart Lighthouses is a collection of Michigan lighthouses I have visited, Mackinac Island & bridge and the Great Lakes area!
Lighthouses and poetry written while visiting them.
Lighthouses in North & South Carolina.
The Lighthouse Hunter's Guide to the Interverse -- alpha list of links to LH images on the Internet from
Michigan Lighthouses, Camping, Pasty Recipes.
"A Brief History of Canadian Lighthouses".
National Lighthouse Center and Museum Will open in Staten Island, NY, on a historic site is adjacent to the S.I. Ferry Termianl.
Educational website on the history of California Lighthouses and Lighthouse resources.
Lighthouse Enthusiasts Club at Yahoo.
A charter boat company offering cruises to three lighthouses off the east coast of Vancouver Island Chrome Island, Sisters, and Ballenas.
Web site of Crisp Point Light Historical Society. We are trying to save C.P. Light, which is west of Whitefish Pt on Lake Superior's southern shore.
Lighthouse Country on Beautiful Vancouver Island Come for a visit, stay for a lifetime.
A lighthouse enthusiast's page with lighthouse history, photos, U.S. license plates, plus hundreds of lighthouse links.
Hudson River Lightkeepers - Information on Hudson River Lighthouses.
We visited 36 Scottish lighthouses in summer 1999. Our hour long documentary will be finished on 4/1. Visit our website to view the gorgeous lights.
New England Lighthouses: A Virtual Guide - History, photography and more for over 170 lights.
Light house art.
An Unofficial Library of Coast Guard, Lighthouse, and Military articles - As of 5/31/00 there are a total of 389. Largest sute of it's kind.
Jo's Wonderland
Lighthouse picture tour with history and maps for locations. Includes Great lakes and Eastern Coast of the United States.
Great Site, you are on a mission. You go girl!!
Photos and artwork of Prince Edward Island. Includes 2 pages of lighthouses

The Lighthouse Shoppe
We have Lighthouses and Lighthouse themed gifts. Over 300 different lighthouse replicas. We have electric lighthouses, battery operated lighthouses, and lighthouse lamps. We have stained glass lighthouses, lamps and window art. We have beautiful stained glass and crystal. Lighthouse books, waterglobes, puzzles, steins, cups, teapots, handwoven rugs, toys, and more. . Lighthouses by Lefton, Spoontiques, Cherly Collin, Century Stained Glass, Gold Marks, Incolay, Bev, D. Elias, D. Morgan, and many more.

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