East Point Lighthouse

East Point, Prince Edward Island

East Point Lighthouse

East Point Lighthouse, July, 1998

East Point is aptly named - it is the easternmost point of land on Prince Edward Island and an ideal location for a lighthouse.  As a matter of fact, it is one of the busiest aids to navigation in the province.  The lighthouse has existed there since 1867, the year Canada was born.

The lighthouse seen here was built entirely from PEI timber, in the days when there was useful timber to built with.

The lighthouse has been moved a number of times.  It originally sat at the present location, but was moved closer to the edge of the cliff.  Erosion of the shoreline and cliffs made it necessary to move the structure again.  In each instance, the lighthouse was raised and moved without any dismantling - a formidable feat considering the overwhelming size of the structure.

The lighthouse is currently open for guided tour.  There is a wealth of lighthouse equipment and tools inside the building, and the various rooms have been preserved to show the original use.  The climb to the top is a long one, but the view and the opportunity to stand next to the lantern makes it worthwhile.

The outside of the lighthouse, like many in Eastern Canada has many interesting features that help tell the history and the funtion of the various levels.

The old light keeper's residence has been converted to a gift shop.  That also is worth a visit.

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