Kidston Island Lighthouse

Baddeck, Nova Scotia

Kidston Island Lighthouse

Kidston Island Lighthouse, July, 1998

The Kidston Island Lighthouse in Baddeck was established in 1875 to aid traffic on the Bras d'Or Lake.  It can be reached by boat, or viewed from the shore.

I have not spent a lot of time visiting this lighthouse.   In the summer of 1998, I spent about an hour on the waterfront in Baddeck watching and photographing it from a distance in a light rain and heavy overcast.  Next time, I plan to actually make a visit to the island and spend some time near the lighthouse.

The town of Baddeck itself is worth the visit.  I have always found it quiet and relaxing.  The Alexander Graham Bell Museum has many surprises to offer, both in the size of the displays, and in the achievements of the man it honours.

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