Eddy Point Lighthouse

Eddy Point, Nova Scotia

Eddy Point Lighthouse

Eddy Point Lighthouse, August, 1998

The original Eddy Point Lighthouse was built in 1851.  It marks the eastern entrance to the Canso Strait which separates Cape Breton Island from mainland Nova Scotia, or used to before the Canso Causeway was built.

I visited this lighthouse on the last day of our summer vacation in 1998, on one of my early morning outings.  This was the last of the lighthouses I visited on this day, and of 64 I visited on my one month vacation.  I drove out from Port Hastings, visiting Balache Point and Venus Cove on the way.

The lighthouse is accessible by road.  Drive east along route 344 about 15-16 kilometers from Mulgrave and turn left on a short road marked Eddy Point Light.  It is almost impossible to miss it - the lighthouse is visible from several points along the highway.

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