Port Medway Lighthouse

Port Medway, Nova Scotia

Port Medway Lighthouse

Port Medway Lighthouse, July, 1998

The Port Medway Lighthouse was built in 1899.  It has now been decommissioned, and if some work is not done in the near future to preserve it, I fear that it will soon not exist at all.

I visited this lighthouse in the summer of 1998, during our summer vacation.  We had made our stop for the day in Liverpool, and I made the dash back to Port Medway to try and catch it and the Medway Head Lighthouse in the evening light.  I was so saddened by the plight of this one, and spent so much time with it that I didn't have time for Medway Head.

The Port Medway Lighthouse is easy to find.  Just drive straight into town.  The lighthouse is near the fish processing plant.

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