Western Head Lighthouse

Liverpool, Nova Scotia

Western Head Lighthouse

Western Head Lighthouse, July, 1998

The Western Head Lighthouse is worth the 10 kilometer drive from Liverpool, and worth spending some time with.  Built in 1962, the lighthouse is one of the newest in the country.  The lighthouse was de-staffed in 1988, but both the light and the fog horn are still operational.

The lighthouse grounds provide a good wandering area and numerous views of the structure.  When we visited in the summer of 1998, the lighthouse was in fog, and the fog horn was blowing, creating a fantastic atmosphere.   I spent only a short time there, but while I was there the fog lifted, leaving the lighthouse in sunlight.  The mood change made my day.

It is possible to approach the lighthouse close up, but my favorite shots was the one above showing the wild flowers in the foreground.

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