Horton Bluff Lighthouse

Horton Landing, Nova Scotia

Horton Bluff Lighthouse

Horton Bluff Lighthouse, July, 1998

The original Horton Bluff Range Lighthouse was constructed in 1851.  This is the rear range, with the front range being a steel skeleton tower some 540 meters away.

The grounds of this lighthouse are so heavily wooded, that it is hard to see how the light would be visible.  But apparently it is visible in conjunction with the front range and serves its purpose.

I visited the Horton Bluff Lighthouse on one of my early morning outings in the summer of 1998.  Although the lighthouse was partially in shadow from the heavy woods nearby, and difficult to photograph, I did enjoy the visit.  It was a truly peaceful morning, and since this was to be the only lighthouse that I would visit on this day, I stayed longer than normal.

To get to the lighthouse, take exit 9 of highway 101.  Turn right on Bluff Road for about 5-6 kilometers and then turn left onto Lighthouse Road.

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