St. Modeste Lighthouse

St. Modeste, Newfoundland

St. Modeste Lighthouse

St. Modeste Lighthouse, July, 2002

The St. Modeste Lighthouse sits on the St. Modeste Island, a small island less than 100 metres from the town of St. Modeste.  The light was established before 1920, but not listed as an aid to navigation until 1956, when the current tower was erected.  As seen here, the structure is the square wooden structure so often seen in Eastern Canada.

We managed to see this light, along with the Point Amour Lighthouse on a one day trip to the Labrador during our vacation in 2002.  I would have liked to made the trip to the island to get closer to the lighthouse, but we were racing against time to get to Red Bay and back to the ferry terminal to catch the last boat home.  Maybe next time.

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