Cow Head Lighthouse

Cow Head, Newfoundland

Cow Head Lighthouse

Cow Head Lighthouse, August, 1998

The Cow Head Lighthouse is another very special one for me.   When I was a child, I occasionally visited my cousin in Cow Head, and we often played near this lighthouse.  One funny thing though, I didn't remember the fact that it was an iron structure.  That probably results from the fact that I haven't seen it for nearly forty years, and that most other small Newfoundland lighthouses are built from wood.

The Newfoundland tourist guide lists this lighthouse as a provincial picnic area.  I had hoped as a result that the lighthouse would have been restored.  Not only had the lighthouse not been restored, but the picnic area also doesn't exist.  I think that if work is not done on it in the near future, it will disappear.

When I visited the Cow Head Lighthouse in August, 1998, I relived memories of my childhood.  I was accompanied by my brother and my cousin that I used to play with as a child.  We wandered around the area, remembering landmarks and the games we played.  I did one thing I was never able to do before - I climbed the lighthouse and stood in the lantern room.  What a feeling, looking over the area where the light shone from the place where the light shone; and what a magnificent view.

To get to the lighthouse, follow the road to the Head - park just off the access road for a microwave tower.  From there, follow the trail marked by the 'Lighthouse' sign.  Keep your eyes open though for the lighthouse on the left of the trail - the lighthouse is not an easy one to find.

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