Cape Bonavista Lighthouse

Bonavista, Newfoundland

Cape Bonavista Lighthouse

Cape Bonavista Lighthouse, August, 1998

Cape Bonavista was the first land sighted by John Cabot from the Matthew on June 24, 1497, although that fact is disputed by some.  The lighthouse at this location was built in 1843 and still stands, although it no longer functions.  The current active light is a steel tower built in 1966 beside the old lighthouse.

The Cape Bonavista Lighthouse is now a Newfoundland Provincial Historic Museum.  When I saw it in 1998, it still sported its fresh coat of paint which it received a year earlier for the celebrations commemorating the 500 years since discovery of Newfoundland.  As a historical site, this lighthouse is assured a long life.

The area around the lighthouse affords other fantastic sights and walks.  From the cliffs near the lighthouse you can view puffins flying or resting on the rocks.  Take a long lens and binoculars.

The lighthouse is about 5-6 kilometers from the center of town.   It is easy to find - the route is well marked.  While you are there, stop off and visit with the statue of John Cabot.  When I visited, I stopped near the statue and walked to the lighthouse.  I took about an hour to climb around the rocks near the lighthouse and experience views from several different angles.

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