Daniel's Harbour Lighthouse

Daniel's Harbour, Newfoundland

Daniel's Harbour Lighthouse

Daniel's Harbour Lighthouse, August, 1998

This is where it all started (for me, that is).  This lighthouse is in the village where I grew up - or at least it stands on the same site.   This is the third structure that I have seen here.

When I was 12 years old, I lived with my grandparents for a winter.  My bedroom faced the lighthouse, and the light used to flash on my wall.   I remember watching it nearly every night, and often counting the flashes.   Even as a child, the light fascinated me, although I did not have the intense interest in lighthouses that I now have.  But despite that, I look at this lighthouse with special pleasure and memories.

I have not determined the age of the Daniel's Harbour Lighthouse, but my mother told me that she remembers my grandfather saying that it was there as long as he could remember.  That makes it at least 100 years.

The lighthouse is visible from the highway.  It can be viewed from a whale watching platform about half way through town.  It can be reached by a short walk from the highway through a private field, or by a short but steep climb from the beach below.  I prefer to take the walk along the beach and approach it from there.

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