Black Point Lighthouse

Petit Shippagan, New Brunswick

Black Point Lighthouse

Black Point Lighthouse, July, 1998

The Black Point is one of New Brunswick's newest lights, built in 1967.  As a matter of fact, that makes it one of the last lighthouses erected in North America.

The tower is a 6.1 metre galvanized steel skeleton structure with an aluminum lantern.  It is not the most attractive lighthouse in New Brunswick, but it is worth the visit.

The lighthouse is on Ile de Lameque near Petit Shippagan.  It is barely visible from highway 113 on the left driving north, but there is a road that offers a very close view.

I visited this lighthouse on one of my early morning outings on my way to the north tip of Miscou Island to visit the Miscou Island Lighthouse.  It made a pleasant stop.

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