Gull Island Lighthouse

Hecla, Manitoba

Gull Island Lighthouse

Gull Island Lighthouse, August, 2001

The Gull Island Lighthouse is the only operating lighthouse on Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba.

The lighthouse is in Hecla Provincial Park about 175 km north of Winnipeg on the west side of Lake Winnipeg.  It's an interesting structure with a relatively small wooden building sitting atop a metal skeleton tower.

The trail to the lighthouse is apparently an easy one.  Unfortunately, when we visited in 2001, I was unable to walk it, although I was itching to do it.  The park requires a vehicle permit, but there was nobody to sell me one.  The photograph shown here was taken from about a kilometre away.

If you are visiting the park make sure that you obtain your permit well in advance to avoid the disappointment of missing the walk to the lighthouse. 

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