Rubicon Point Lighthouse

Lake Tahoe, California

Rubicon Point Lighthouse

Rubicon Point Lighthouse - August, 1997

The Rubicon Point Lighthouse was erected in 1916 at Rubicon Point on Lake Tahoe. The structure is a wooden one at the end of a very strenuous, although short, walk.

In 1919, after only three years operation, the lighthouse was discontinued because of the difficulty in getting supplies to it, and a new light was placed on the waterfront at Sugar Pine Point.

The wooden structure still stands. The location is relatively well marked on the trail at Rubicon Point. As a matter of fact, one of the trails at Rubicon Point is actually called the Lighthouse Trail. Look closely if you are looking for it - one might well mistake it for an outhouse.

But it did serve the purpose of a lighthouse, and as such, formed the sole purpose for my visit to Lake Tahoe in the summer of 1997. The Lighthouse Digest had placed it on their doomsday list, and I had to see it before it disappeared. I'm glad I did go; the walk was invigorating, the scenery was fantastic, and the old piece of history was fascinating.

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