Point Cabrillo Lighthouse

Point Cabrillo, California

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse - August, 1997

The Point Cabillo Lighthouse was established in 1909.  When it was automated in the early 1970's, the third order lens was deactivated and functionally replaced by a beacon mounted on the outside of the tower.

When I visited the lighthouse during our summer 1997 vacation, the access road was closed to traffic, but the lighthouse was approachable by walking about two kilometers.  The lighthouse is visible from about half way along the path.  The walk to the lighthouse was invigorating and the time spent there pure joy.

In 1997, the lighthouse itself was undergoing some renovations and was due to open as a museum some time later.  I was unable to get inside the building at that time, but I suspect that is has been re-opened by now.

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