Point Arena Lighthouse

Point Arena, California

Point Arena Lighthouse

Point Arena Lighthouse, August, 1997

The original Point Arena Lighthouse was built in 1870.  The current structure was completed in 1908.  It was automated in 1970.

The current Point Arena Lighthouse is a marvel, standing at 115 feet.  The tower, constructed of reinforced concrete,  was built completely by hand.  When you stand beside the tower, it is easy to imagine the sweat shed during the construction.

The Point Arena Lighthouse is open to the public.  The Point Arena Lighthouse Keepers, Inc. runs the associated museum and conducts tours of the lighthouse.   Both attractions are well worth the visit.

The excitement of climbing the 145 steps and standing next to the first order fresnel lens was hard to surpass.  This is definitely one of my favorite California coastal lighthouses.

To reach the lighthouse, take the Rollerville Junction turnoff from Highway 1.   The drive is a pleasant one, with one must stop at a lighthouse souvenir shop at Rollerville Junction.

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