Montara Point Lighthouse

Montara, California

Montara Point Lighthouse

Montara Point Lighthouse - September, 1999

The original light at Montara Point was a red lens lantern hung on a post and first lit in 1900, 25 years after the first steam fog whistle was placed there.  In 1912 a skeleton tower was erected to house a fourth order fresnel lens.  It was replaced by the current cast iron tower in 1928.  The lighthouse was automated in 1970.  The fresnel lens was replaced by  the current smaller, bright modern lens and the original was moved to the San Mateo County Historical Museum.

The site now operates as a Youth Hostel.  The gates open at 4:30PM and close at 9:30AM.  During that time, it is accessible to the public.

This lighthouse could be easy to miss.  You can obtain a glimpse of it from the highway if you pay attention.   Otherwise, you have to wait until the gates open to see it.

The lighthouse is just south of the town of Montara on Highway one.  Look for a small sign on the seaward side of the highway indicating the Youth Hostel.   There is parking inside the gates.

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