Santa Cruz Lighthouse

Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz Lighthouse

Santa Cruz Lighthouse - September, 1999

The original Santa Cruz Lighthouse was built in 1869.  Its fifth order lens was first lit on December 31 of that year.  In 1878, because of erosion of the cliff, the lighthouse was raised onto rollers and moved a short distance in from the shore.

The lighthouse was discontinued in 1941 and replaced by a minor light.  It was torn down in 1948.

The current red brick structure was constructed in 1967 near the original site as a memorial to Mark Abbott, an 18 year old boy who lost his life in a surfing accident, by his parents.  It now serves as the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum.

Views of this lighthouse are available from some distance on either side.   I quite enjoyed seeing it in the early morning sun.

To get to the lighthouse turn right from Highway 1 to get to the ocean, and drive along West Cliff Drive.

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