Battery Point Lighthouse

Crescent City, California

Battery Point Lighthouse

Battery Point Lighthouse - August, 1997

The Battery Point Lighthouse sits on a hill just off Battery Point.   During high tide, it becomes an island.

The lighthouse was built in 1856.  When plans were made to build the St. George's Reef Lighthouse in 1875, the Lighthouse Board decided that Battery Point would become redundant and consequently should be closed.  They relented, though, and the building still stands today.

The lighthouse also survived a battering by tidal waves in 1964, caused by an Alaskan earthquake.  Much of Crescent City was destroyed, but the light continued to shine.  The building did sustain damage, but was repaired.

The lighthouse was automated in 1953, and in 1965 it was replaced by a flashing beacon at the end of the breakwater.

The lighthouse has operated as a museum since 1982, when it was taken over by the Del Norte County Historical Society and restored as a private aid to navigation.   It is open to the public - at low tide, of course.  When I visited in 1997, I experienced high tide and the disappointment of not being able to get into the building.

To reach the lighthouse, turn west onto Front Street from Highway 101.   From Front Street, turn left onto A Street and continue on to the lighthouse.

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