Amphitrite Point Lighthouse

Ucluelet, British Columbia

Amphitrite Point Lighthouse

Amphitrite Point Lighthouse, August, 2000

The original Amphitrite Lighthouse near Ucluelet on the West Coast of Vancouver Island was built in 1906. It was destroyed by a tidal wave in 1914 and replaced by the current structure almost immediately.

The lighthouse site is accessible. The rocky point offers interesting viewpoints. Be careful though - rogue waves have actually swept people off the rocks to their deaths.

I have visited the lighthouse on two occasions. The first was in 1994 with my older daughter. We both spent about two hours photographing - I the lighthouse, and she everythng else. My second was during my summer vacation in 2000 with my younger daughter. Again, we both spent about an hour photograhing the lighthouse and other things near it.

The lighthouse is at the south end of the town.  There is a parking lot nearby, and the grounds (rocks) are accessible.

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