Active Pass Lighthouse

Georgina Point, Mayne Island, British Columbia

Active Pass Lighthouse

Active Pass Lighthouse, August, 2000

The original Active Pass Lighthouse was constructed at Georgina Point on Mayne Island in 1885. The current circular concrete tower was built in 1969.

The lighthouse, also known as the Georgina Point Lighthouse, is viewed by hundreds of people every day from the ferries that run between Tsawwassen on the BC mainland to Swartz Bay (Victoria) on Vancouver Island. But to really experience it, take advantage of the fact that the lighthouse grounds are open to the public, and  get close by visiting Mayne Island.

I visited the lighthouse in July of 2000 on vacation with my daughter. The rain caused us to miss the wildlife, but not even rain will keep me from a lighthouse. We also viewed it from the ferry as we returned to Tsawwassen later in the day.

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