Brockton Point Lighthouse

Vancouver, British Columbia

Brockton Point Lighthouse

Brockton Point Lighthouse, January, 1998

The Brockton Point Lighthouse is located in Stanley Park at Brockton Point.  It can be reached by car along the park drive, about two kilometers from the Park entrance.  Located on the seawall, it makes a pleasant stop for walkers and runners.  A walk along the seawall offers numerous views of the lighthouse.  A walk onto the Lions Gate Bridge nearly 2.5 kilometres away also offers a great view.

The Brockton Point Lighthouse is one of two lighthouses serving the Port of Vancouver.  The other is about 2.5 kilometers away at Prospect Point.  It can be seen underneath the Lions Gate Bridge from Brockton Point.

The original tower was built in 1890.  The current structure was built in 1914.

The lighthouse is the one I most frequently visit, because of its location.   On days off from work, I often do my walk on the seawall, taking in both Brockton Point and Prospect Point Lighthouses.

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